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Diesel boilers are an indoor/outdoor, high-efficiency, floor standing heat generator for domestic/Commerical heating of underfloor or radaitors and optional hot water production via a hot water cylinder. A blown diesel oil burner regulates the fuel while a standard atmospheric style flue exhausts minimal low temperature emissions. The boiler shell consists of cast-iron elements, assembled with double cones and steel stays.


Gas LPG Condensing boilers use advanced combustion technology which scavenges energy found in the flue gas that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere resulting in running efficiencies up to 112%. These boiler are used for underfloor, radaitors or hot water production via a hot water cylinder or instantaneous via the combi boiler option with built in cross flow plate heat exchanger.


Atmos wood gasification boilers - utilize advanced wood gasification combustion technology to produce high outputs and minimal clean air approved emmissions. They can be usedto heat medium or large homes via either radiators and or under floor systems with optional connection to a hot water storage tank for domestic hot water production.


These ‘air to water’ units are optimised for NZ’s difficult low temperature and high humidity conditions. They are designed to satisfy the under-floor heating requirements of small or large sized residential and commercial spaces, they are a stand alone unit located outside and are either a mono block unit (all in one compressor and pump) or a split unit (compressor outdoor, hydro box pump module inside).

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